Grace Isabell

My paintings are rooted in both the dense East coast woods that I call home and in the wilderness of the American West.
The landscape becomes the catalyst to address the ways in which memory and nostalgia alter both how we perceive the spaces we've long inhabited, as well as color our perception of the unknown.
My painting process mirrors the dichotomies I experience in the outdoors: boldness with quietness, aggression with restraint, ruggedness with specificity.
I impose imagined weather conditions as I paint, in the hopes that an observer leaves a painting feeling a lingering sense of heat, cold, snow, or rain. I give myself full permission to revel in the surfaces and textures found in nature and draw on those experiences in the ways I move and manipulate paint.
Aiming to ask questions rather than answer them, I give my viewer the opportunity to immerse themselves in an alternate microcosm—that they might emerge with a heightened awareness to the significance of their own surroundings.